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BizInterface: The Eco-System of the Industry

Eco-System identified and practiced in BizInterface has two categorical facets. Firstly, it acts as a procurement hub for different services and products in the construction industry. Secondly, all these services are also managed on, and delivered through, BizInterface. Anything that you need to manage, Personal Career, your Businesses and Organizations, or your Projects, all can be managed directly on BizInterface. Don’t buy multiple software to run portion of your business and projects. BizInterface aspires to be a Business Eco-System for the Construction industry. The primary ingredient of business Eco-System includes:

  • Multiple Integrated Solutions
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Business Knowledge
  • Co-delivery [multiple companies providing various services together]
  • Co-creation of Opportunities + Co-creation of Values

Identifying patterns that make one company more successful than another can be difficult to determine. By carefully studying success patterns, BizInterface has developed a Business to Business (B2B) platform for businesses that:

  • Provides Project Management Software to help companies lower their costs by leveraging all participating companies through collaboration
  • Brings project opportunities such as RFPs, RFQs, and Invitations to Tender through direct notification at no charge
  • Facilitates the preparation of your bids or sub-bids with a detailed tab over your internal costs
  • Enables you to create a Human Resource Plan in relation to your current projects and those in the pipeline as well as other business engagements, programs and tasks.
  • Empowers you to strategize the future growth of your company in relation to a complete Talent Management System

  • Empowers you to lower the Project Acquisition Costs and diversify its source.
  • Provides access to a knowledge base that can be put to use instantly for managing various aspects of your business, including different types of RFPs, Agreements, Business Cases, SWOT Analyses, etc.
  • Integrates a Cost Management System with Schedules and Contracts, providing a full view and control through a highend Earned Value Management System
  • Provides each business administrator a highly secure environment for managing projects and business functions

BizInterface is an IT platform for all industry participants to come together and collectively create a more Efficient, Effective and Economical environment for the procurement and delivery of projects in Real Property Development Industry.

Eco-System of BizInterface

The Business Eco-System concept first appeared in Moore’s May/June 1993 Harvard Business Review article, titled “Predators and Prey: A New Ecology of Competition”, and won the McKinsey Award for article of the year. Inspired from Moore’s analogy of Businesses as natural entities that stand alongside people as entities is the basis of BizInterface. BizInterface’s notion of Business Eco-system, however is little different than how Moore juxtaposed it. Moore’s primary environment that constructs the Eco-system is the ‘economic community’, and its primary units are organizations and individuals. Moore’s approach is entity or object based, placing people and organizations as the units constructing the environment of Eco-System.

BizInterface do not only theorize business Eco-System in a different way, but also re-engineers it. BizInterface believes that business Eco-System are primarily determined by the industry it serves. The industry is the principal Environment that resist any relationship with other environments. Business Organizations are Agents that survives within the industry environment in a professional capacity. Organizations make relationships with the other organizations from external industry in a reduced form of transactions, in a non-professional or subject-biased ways. Professional or Disciplinary Regulatory bodies are the Agencies that seek power by the propagation of knowledge, policies, regulations and more importantly by exercising the controls over its Agents (organizations). People, as participants in the environment are merely Actors. The actors hold the least of powers. They exercise power only to the extent that their roles provide them. It may seem to be a semantic difference for some, but it has very important implications. BizInterface’s understanding of Business Eco-System has a Success Formula intrinsic to it, which can be actualized by organizations (Agents) and individuals (Actors) for breaking the industry norms and redistribute power.

Searching deeper, specific to the construction industry, the business environment is not an automated product nor a place that is created or marked by the activities of transactions among various businesses, as Moore suggested with the term ‘economic community’. His Eco-System of Moore can only see one activity: the transaction of services and products. BizInterface, on the other hand considers that transactions are made possible with the exercise of knowledge and power, transaction is one of its outcome. BizInterface defines the Eco-system primarily with the anthropological understanding, which can see the socio-political and socio-economic milieu in which construction is practiced.

BizInterface describes business Eco-System through the following:

  1. Industry as the Eco-System Environment
  2. Professional & Disciplinary Regulatory bodies as Agencies
  3. Businesses (organizations) as Agents
  4. Professionals as Actors.