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Architect and Consultant

Requirements of Architect



Our Actual design time is always more than planned. It is difficult to track the profit on each project.


Design can never be 100% complete to provide all details for construction. Design Contingency are therefore required and are managed by us, what software can we have for such Design Management.

Specification Management

Every day new equipment are coming to market, we are having one dedicated person to update specifications and we still are behind. An integral specification management is required that auto-updates with latest equipment.

Training Cost

These software requires extensive training and costs too much to get trained. It includes time commitments of employee, as well as Software providers expensive cost of training.

Project Acquisition

These software are for project delivery that does not contribute in the acquisition of project. Our company success is based more on project acquisition than having our projects on-time and on-budget.

Requirements of Consultant



I want to ensure that there is clarity within the company.


I want all aspects of the project to be appropriately recorded, but I don’t want to pay for enormous amount of money for someone to do mere data entering. And how do I know that the records are kept to the par that can protect me later from legal threats anyway.

Budget Control

We want to have better control on the internal company budget for delivering the project. Is there any software which would track two budgets for business as well as for the project?


I do not want my managers to be occupied with too much paper work and report writing. I want easy and fast creation of reports.

I want to ensure that the team is not wasting time on my expense, that is they are using their time efficiently.

Company’s Profitability

None of these software care about or control if we are going to make money or not. All these software are primarily working for the success of the project, which has nothing to do with company’s profitability.