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Facility Asset Management

Preventive Maintenance

The asset information tagged on your project drawings creates the preventative maintenance calendar. You can assign the task to internal resources in your team. If you would rather assign it to an external organization, a Request for Quote can be issued. Various quotes will be obtained.

Pre-built Product Catalog

Most of the competitions’ Asset Management system rely heavily on entering data of the asset. We have a library of assets. Most of the assets that you may need will be in our library. For all new assets, we can add it for you for a one-time fee, a cost less than your in-house expense.

Facility LifeCycle

The cost of your facility may be prime today in Net Present Value. But in 25 years when most of the major components have passed its useful service life, the value of the property will be greatly depreciated. Bizinterface Life Cycle report provides Facility Condition Index, so the facility life can be extended with the injection of minimum input and cost.

Plan Markups/Tagging

Tag the assets on your property drawings from the product library and visualize your property with the products mentioned.