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General & Trade Contractor

Requirements of General Contractor


Economical & ROI

We are not sure if and when we will be able to get Return on Investment (ROI) if we buy expensive PM Software upfront. At the end our project acquisition is based on being least expensive in the procurement and such software acquisition is hurdle against being inexpensive.

Change Order Practices

Change Order practices are seen as taboo, but changes are always expected. Appropriate tracking of scope and initiation of change is extremely important for the success of our business.

Training Cost

These software requires extensive training and costs too much to get trained. It includes time commitments of employee, as well as Software providers expensive cost of training.

Project Acquisition

These software are for project delivery that does not contribute in the acquisition of project. Our company success is based more on project acquisition than having our projects on-time and on-budget delivered.

Company’s Profitability

None of these software care about or control if we are going to make money or not. All these software are primarily working for the success of the project, which has nothing to do with company’s profitability.


I do not want my managers to be occupied with too much paper work and report writing. I want easy and fast creation of reports.


I want to ensure that the team is not wasting time on my expense, that is they are using their time efficiently.


I want to ensure that there is a common platform for communication so that someone is not hiding that can be risk to me.


I want all aspects of the project to be appropriately recorded, but I don’t want to pay for enormous amount of money for someone to do mere data entering. And how do I know that the records are kept to the par that can protect me later from legal threats anyway.

Interaction with Other companies

Working with newer companies all the time, i.e. interacting in the absence of relationship, require better interaction system that work in expected and professional methods.

Requirements of Trade Contractor


Lien Hold Back Account

I want to make sure that there is a Lien Holdback Account actually existing and protecting my rights on an online system that reports to all parties on the account status. The lawyers can have complete report on it, as and when required.

Budget Control

We want to have more control on the internal company budget than on project budget. We will not even see the project budget ever, but we would like to track the company budget. Is there any software which would track two budgets to different companies?

Human Resource & Talent Management

To get right human resource is a problem. Linkedin is not industry specific and not knowledge based. Other solutions like Kanexia are too expensive and are not industry specific. How can we empower and motivate our team members to achieve the talent that we want them to have. Can we plan the talents and desirability of it for the company?

Company Standards

Prepare Company Standards and Manuals tied to Performance Specification; receiving and demeaning Product Cutsheets & specifications from subcontractors and suppliers is very laborious job and consumes a lot of time. Any software to make it simple and automized that removes or reduces our coordination job?

Deficiency Management

Deficiencies completion is painful. Anyway to track those with Architects, other consultants, PMs, Owners and Trade Contractors?

Site Management

What is required for Site Management? Cameras for security, Notice board to communicate with all parties, Assignments of tasks to specific person/ company, discussions of issues with specific person/ company, hiring and delivery of right tools and services, Review & sharing of Site Instructions, dynamic schedule review & update, task and issues review & update all such activities are required.

Companies Task, Issues & Risk Management

We need to record and track company’s and not just projects’ tasks, issues and risks.

Company’s IT Cost

We are burdened with heavy IT infrastructure and update costs. Over and above we need to hire IT Professionals to maintain the systems. Software costs are another added IT costs.