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Project & Business Management

Integrated Project Management Office

Bizinterface has unique PMO System that would turn lower-rated PMO into higher-rated mature PMO of the user organizations. Bizinterface can provide Maturity Appraisal to the users that would enable the Sponsors and Executives of our users’ organization to:

  • Gain insight into the organization’s current capability through the analysis of its current processes and systems in relation to the PMO Appraisal Criteria.
  • Find suggestions on improvements (correct weaknesses that generate business risks) that are most beneficial to the organization through the Biz Interface solutions.
  • Quantify the benefits for the adoption of Biz Interface and provide the implementation plan vis-à-vis the risks and maturity targets.

Knowledge Management

In the last century Construction industry has managed its processes through paper based documents. Even after the creation of computer, we are still creating Digital Paper. When can we have a real knowledge management system? Knowledge Management is in the most rudimentary form in the global IT level, primarily providing services for Document Management. Bizinterface has a solution and method to perform integrated knowledge management beyond document management.

We carry knowledge for you whether you are a new organization, or a well-seasoned one. No organization has the knowledge base that we do.

Intra-Organization Messaging

Why is it that people are used to perform management by email? The reason is that the emails are flexible enough to be sent to anyone, passing the message across multiple organizations. The general practice is that as soon as the information is sent to the other organization or individual, the responsibility of communication is completed. It is now the other organization’s responsibility to organize and track. Unfortunately this attitude adds much more to email management and document management for each person causing everyone to lag behind. Inevitably the combined costs sky rockets. There is no integrated management through emails and there is no future for it.

Bizinterface is the solution for all organizations to communicate messages, which are integrated to their business and projects, either those messages are Request for Information (RFI), Site Instructions (SI), Risks, Tasks, Issues, document sharing, calendar events.

Team Management

How do you manage your team? How easy it is for you to replace a person and pass all the project information to the other? We know it is not easy when an experienced person leaves the organization. With them, goes the project knowledge, the experience and therefore your expertise. Bizinterface has easy replacement process whereby the information from a project is easily passed on to the next person assigned to that project.

When you plan projects for your organization, how do you plan Resource Engagement? How do you do resource loading? Bizinterface has a unique HR planning and tracking mechanism integrating timesheets with it. With the integrated system, there is no extra work required, no more than what you are already performing. That is creativity!

Integrated Schedule

Schedule in Bizinterface is integrated with Budget and contracts. An agreement is expected to govern Scope, Schedule, Cost and Quality. But unfortunately in the general practice, schedule is monitored separate from the agreement, mostly in a Scheduling Software. With Bizinterface, schedule is integrated to the contract, internal budget, accounts payable, and accounts receivable of your organization, this would provide perspective of Earned Value Management System.

Design Management

Can all your consultants mutually comment on the drawings and have an online comments management? Can you figure out which was the latest drawing amongst all the blueprints? Through Bizinterface all this can be achieved. Save time and resources sending drawings to each other to comment on.

Organizational Strategy and Portfolio Management

How do you perform Organizational Strategy? Asking the right questions is important for strategy planning, but supporting those questions with appropriate business data is essential. How many of us have created programs by accumulating related projects? And supporting organizational information based on those programs? Let’s ask a simple question: What is the acquisition cost of each project in your organization? Or what types of projects – or programs – gives faster Return on Investment? These types of questions and tracking the organizational data are crucial to plan Organizational Strategy.

Bizinterface is not merely a software. We are a strategic partner! We will establish your organizational Strategy and Portfolio Management with you on Bizinterface.