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Project Manager/ Construction Manager

Requirements of Project Manager


Business External to Project

Our business model is through the retain-age of knowledge from portfolio and program management that is more than project management solution.


The Business Executive want to have view of the projects as it matters to our portfolio and program, providing strategic controls to projects, and without getting bogged down into the unnecessary details


It is an operational cost, which will never be capitalized through projects. We want to make sure if it is Value Added Service for the maturity development of the company and also it must reduce the Operational Cost, for example IT Cost.


Project Schedule does not say much about the business success to Executives, showing if the company would still make money. External to project schedule is the company’s engagement schedule, which should be shown meaningfully to the Executives.


Most of the time we are busy writing Performance and other Cost Reports, which are time consuming and are outdated within a week. All reports has to be fed live.

Requirements of Construction Manager



I want to ensure that there is a common platform for communication throughout the company so that risks are apparent.


I want all aspects of the business to be appropriately recorded, but I don’t want to pay for enormous amount of money for someone to do mere data entering. And how do I know that the records are kept to the par that can protect me later from legal threats.

Integrated Management

I want to make sure that planned costs of all projects are controlled integrated to the company’s commitments and actuals, so that profitability can be controlled, and I am not paying for items that are not yet performed.

Performance Management

We have challenge in establishing, tracking and reporting on Performance Management that ties to the employees’ performance.