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Tendering Process

Tendering Knowledge

How to write a Tender or an RFP? Who has such organizational knowledge base? We Do! We retain knowledge required for writing different kind of RFP and Tender documents, either it is Architectural Services, Construction Management Services, Tender for General Contractors or any other knowledge.

Bid Analysis

Perform Bid Analysis through BizInterface TenBid. Optional use of Bid Depository with timer to ensure access to the Bid Calling Authority at the bid Closing Time and not earlier. Comparative analysis of all the Tender Documents and award the contract.

Directory of Vendors

We have ever growing directory of Pre-Qualified Vendors who are interested in bidding on your projects. What information do you need for Pre-Qualification? We already have selection of good match, specific to your needs. Do you get Performance Evaluation 360 for companies and individuals?

Contract Award

Award the contract online through BizInterface. No re-entry of data required. Use BizInterfcae specific contracts or use industry standard contracts, regardless of the project delivery method: Design-Bid-Build, CM-as-Agent, CM-at-Risk,Public Private Partnership, Design Build and Joint Venture.

Tender Writers

Do you want to use our Tender Writing Services or Bid Management Services? We can provide it for you. We our procurement experts we can turn around tenders at the cost cheaper than in-house. Also, let us manage your bids, it is cheaper to hire us for better qualified bids.

Online Bidding

Online form submissions completely eliminate non-compliant bids. A bidder cannot submit a bid until all the required fields (set by you) are completed. The form must also be digitally signed and submitted with an electronic bond.